Monday, 12 October 2009

Art clay UK conference in Jersey 2009

Sorry this has taken some time for me to upload but I just couldn't bare looking at my beautiful camera!!! not so pretty now, Keith, katie and I went for a beautiful walk to the devil's hole. Well I was not dressed in the best walking shoes and ended up throwing myself at the floor, whilst holding my camera which is now scratched to shreds:(
However we did have a wonderful time in Jersey. Here are just a few pictures of our trip.

The first is Keith outside our gorgeous Hotel with a wonderful view of the sea front.

This is the frog that sits in the centre of town on the huge pillar.

This was the master class and we were all concentrating so hard.

This was my 3d wearable jewellery workshop I taught 6 in this class...and boy I was so nervous, I think not being in my studio made me feel uncomfortable but I soon went into auto pilot and really enjoyed every minute of my class, they all worked so hard and made some great jewellery. This is a pic of some green ware just before the kiln.

Then we went into the afternoon session where I was teaching water etching a group of 10. This time no nerves. Everyone really enjoyed the class but Sadly I didn't get any pictures of there work as they rushed away to get ready for the evenings fun.