Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Enamelled fish.

This is the second enamelled fish which I am so much happier with. 

The start was a drawing, with colour so I had an idea of what enamel colours to use.  I had done lots of colour test when I first started it was just a matter of matching the enamels to the pencils


Then I made it into the piece of fine silver.

Next the enamels.

This is the finished pendant.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pleased with myself

Is having a very good morning, I have managed to vac and steam clean the downstairs of the house, as well as clean all the kitchen work surfaces. 

I even got some silver stuff ready to enamel, for later but first a cuppa tea and relax with the cryo cuff 
as I'am off to physio at 2pm and I don't want my knee all puffed up for that. 

Owww and heres a sneak peak at my enamel bits some that have been enamelled and some waiting for colour.
Gooo me Gooo me :)