Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My landscape is finished

My landscape is finished and sitting in pride of place in the bay window with 
the light shinning through it. I am very please even though it is a bit nieve.
Lesley's Fantasy land

While I was playing glass and waiting for everything to cook I made some new beads.
I love my little flower beads, very on trend with all the florals this season.

I made these to practice dots and stringer control;)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hot out of the kiln

Just a quick share, hot out of the kiln my new large candle bowl.
I think it fits in nicely with our colour scheme.
Very pleased with myself :-D

My husband tells me they sold my poppy bowl and coaster set 
today, as well as some pendants.
 You know what that means !!!!! I have to make some more.

The Landscape is now in the kiln and will be ready in the morning, I love glass making its 
like Christmas every morning.

My first landscape.

I have been busy in my studio messing around with glass and this is my first ever landscape in glass, its just about ready for slumping.

I am quietly pleased with myself ;-D
Lesley's fantasy land 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sunny day in the studio.

I spent yesterday in my studio, making some glass experiments which came out quite interesting.
It was funny throughout the day I had some visitors.

Firstly my little ginger Ronnie, he is my tiny little bed head cat that just hounded me all day yesterday. 
I am very surprise that I managed to get anything done.
He is a cheeky boy, he came straight up to the camera.

Next up was the big boy, well what more can I say;-D

Scooby is so handsome, he slept there all afternoon while was making lamp work beads.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Last nights bead session.

I wanted to share last nights  bead make  with you, I really enjoyed making them. I made six small solid beads and then made five large  hollows. I think I will make a necklace with them to go into the open studio's gallery.

The last Glass necklaces I made sold really well, I think it because I am the only lamp worker that is involved in open studios at the moment.
 I am sure in time there will be more.

I nearly forgot my hollow PINK frittie bead, of course made to go with hair:-)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

FAM 2012 March

Here is my set of four rings for March. 
I have made a quite few of these sets and they are now for sale in the Bead Cellar, they are very popular:)