Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a nice surprise:)

OMG when I got home from work this evening I had a lovely surprise. A parcel was waiting on the side for me. I couldn't believe what was in it.
I would like to thank Philippa so much for all this lovely beach glass, I mentioned in our workshop that you could not find beach glass round here for love nor money. So Philippa sent me all this glass that she picked up on a walk with her dogs.

Just look at all this lovely glass

So I couldn't just look at it tonight, I got straight in my studio and made this ring with a piece.
I love beach glass thank you so much
Philippa your a star XXX

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thing I haven't had time to post!!!

Here are a couple of things that due to illness I haven't had chance to post.

The first is of course is my sterling silver clay ring. As you can imagine I was so honoured to be asked by Lisa Cain of the Mid Cornwall school of Jewellery to be a secret metal clay tester (Lisa I felt like a naughty school girl with a big secret thanks for asking me.)
I have to be honest one of the hardest things to keep under my hat, I was almost at bursting point when the story finally got published, my findings are most interesting as are Chris Pate's and Julia Rai's. So if you haven't already read it then you need to purchase Metal clay artist magazine.

I love this ring and can't wait for its return:)

The next picture is of Jackie Sissons spinner ring unfortunately the other student Philly had to leave as she was very poorly in the afternoon. The ring was completed apart from the final polishing but this morning Philly posted on facebook a gorgeous finished ring well done philly:)

So this is the other half of the class. Jackie its a great ring well done.
This is a pretty ring that is interchangeable.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Today in my studio.

I managed to make two new items to sell at open studio's next weekend. The first is going to be so hard to part with as it is very me. I have called the ring.

I get the point.

I also made some beads and a little vessel and liked them so much that I made them into a necklace.

Sterling silver bullet cab. This is going to
be so hard to part with :(

Hand made lamp work beads and sterling silver.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's Summer

Well I am feeling so much better, this past week has been awful but finally today I was able to spend time in the garden and studio and here are the photos to prove it::)

Baby spiders so cute :)

My dear sister Laura chuffed with a couple of vessels
she made on my torch.

These are the beads and hollow I enamelled
I love them and now  I need to make a load of glass
spacer beads.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Polymer clay cuff.

I've been playing today and made a cuff out of polymer clay then gave it a nice polish, I think this will be mine for a while until I make another one LOL

Lynne not your sort stuff as your hands get really grubby :)

Its definitely my colours :)
I shall wear this a lot.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Well I had a great time teaching at Towcester and am looking forward to doing it all again next year Yipeeeeeeeeee:D
Paul better known as Caroline LOL
He had a bad finger,  he chopped it off with a chop saw!!!!
Here's some photo's.
Keith pretending to be teacher!!!! Get out of my chair.

Lynne Glazzard good friend and a fab enamel instructor:)

This is just a snip of what went on over the weekend but boy we had a blast.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Whats a girl to do!!!!!!!

Well what's a girl to do when she has no clay to play with. Get out all her metal working toys I mean tools and make new stuff. Yaahhhhh

So here's what I have been making.

I will make a chain to hang this from.
I think this will get worn a lot.

Friday, 1 April 2011

One to one workshop

Lentil bead with pearl.
Today I spent  the day teaching a lovely lady by the name of Jackie Sisson on a one to one.

Jackie wanted to learn how to make a hollow forms and one of the best examples is a lental bead. She learnt how to texture well and to attach a pearl. I think the best part of the class was how to polish to a good quality finish.

I love this little ring. Well done Jackie:)

Shinny Shinny Shinny :)
We then went on to make a ring with texture and BALL'S yes Phillipa Balls just like Gordon's. I loved that  little ring,and would have been quite happy to keep that one on my finger:)

Sterling silver clay

If you are following all the news about sterling silver then check Hadars page. here's a link.