Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thing I haven't had time to post!!!

Here are a couple of things that due to illness I haven't had chance to post.

The first is of course is my sterling silver clay ring. As you can imagine I was so honoured to be asked by Lisa Cain of the Mid Cornwall school of Jewellery to be a secret metal clay tester (Lisa I felt like a naughty school girl with a big secret thanks for asking me.)
I have to be honest one of the hardest things to keep under my hat, I was almost at bursting point when the story finally got published, my findings are most interesting as are Chris Pate's and Julia Rai's. So if you haven't already read it then you need to purchase Metal clay artist magazine.

I love this ring and can't wait for its return:)

The next picture is of Jackie Sissons spinner ring unfortunately the other student Philly had to leave as she was very poorly in the afternoon. The ring was completed apart from the final polishing but this morning Philly posted on facebook a gorgeous finished ring well done philly:)

So this is the other half of the class. Jackie its a great ring well done.
This is a pretty ring that is interchangeable.