Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Tour Of My Studio

I thought it was about time I shared my gorgeous studio with you all, so you can see where I create all my jewellery.

This space is great for teaching, it has a nice and toastie under floor heating and is very well insulated so keeps at a nice temperature all year round.

The first pic is the outside of my studio and my friend Karen made the glass hangings for me.

The second picture is of my Art Clay station

This is my Lampwork station which is just fun for me.

The last picture is my silver smithing station and my table were I teach art clay silver it is a really nice environment to teach, warm and well lite with no interruptions.

I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my studio.



The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

love it. want it :)

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

Beautiful! I'm very jealous - I have a space earmarked for an outdoor studio to get the business out of the house but have to persevere with my workroom off the back of the kitchen for the time being!

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Oh, how wonderful to have such a great space to work in (I write this as I sit at my cramped desk)... maybe one day... (dreams)
Kristin :)

lesley messam said...

Thanks everyone.
I know I'm very lucky to have such a good work space.
I love it.

carrie chagri said...

having done a course with you i would say that it is excellent for teaching people in, it's light and warm and the only interruptions are hubby bringing tea coffee and biscuits which were always welcome, your very lucky
carrie xxx