Friday, 23 April 2010

Teaching at Flame off at Towcester

Hi All

I had a fantastic time teaching at flame off, I met some fabulous artist's and had really great students.

I taught three workshops over two days, here's sneaky peak.

Everyone seemed really pleased with what they made and boy did they make some gorgeous jewellery. The feedback has been great so thanks to all my students.

The fun didn't stop at this!!!!!!!

At flame I met a very talented lampwork artist Sharon Peters from San Francisco, she was in the classroom next to me when I arrived, She was packing her stuff away but I got a peak at her students work they were all amazing.

Well you can sort of guess what happened!!!! the volcano and the ash cloud which left Sharon stranded in England. OMG everyone offered to put her up but most of them were from up north, miles and miles away from Heathrow. So I chirped up and said you can stay with us we have a spare room and I have a lampwork station in my studio.

I think the clincher was that we were only 1 hour 20 minutes away from the Heathrow. Sharon stayed with us until Thursday and taught me loads and vise a versa we had an artists swap shop. It was great:) what a finish to flame off. So here is a picture of Sharon in my studio.

How cool to have someone soooo talented in my studio:)
This is one of the beads I purchased from Sharon. I love her work its so different.

I'm sooo sooo lucky this is the pendant that Sharon gave me as a gift. I adore it so much. Thank you Sharon.

Lesley X

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