Monday, 14 November 2011

Glass Glass Glass

Oh dear, I think it was fatal me going to Warm Glass!!!!! I think I have another obsession.
Since coming home I have made some small panels to cut up to put in my bowls and had a go a drawing on glass which is really good fun, I am loving that technique.

The best thing I have made so far are my two bowls and I am still waiting for my stuff that I made at Warm glass to be sent.

These are parts that I will cut up to add to some bowl's
Here's a little look at all my first, go it alone projects, Guess what everyone is getting for christmas LOL
This is a couple of cabs that I made by drawing
directly onto the glass.
This is the second bowl I made
and I am very pleased with it.
This is my first ever bowl. Made on my own. I was really chuffed when I got this out of the kiln

This will be made into another bowl. I am
still choosing the back ground colours.

Now Back down the studio to make some more!!!!!!


Joy Funnell said...

Great stuff Lesley. Looks like you are definitely hooked!

Joy x

uptwnsh said...

What medium are you using in your drawings that doesn't burn up in the kiln? Liquid streamer? Glass paint? Sharpie? Just curious, because it looks so cool!

lesley messam said...
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lesley messam said...

Hi Uptwnsh I am using glass pens and it such fun:)