Thursday, 5 January 2012

As promised my beads that I made!!!!!

I promise yesterday to upload photos of my beads that I made instead of my commission, that I really should have been cracking on with but didn't. OOOpppsss

So for those that are interested I am sharing a bowl that I made and a pendant as well, this has been fired in three steps. The first a full fuse then a tack fuse which has made the bamboo have a raised look and not melted in all the way, then finally its been slumped into an bowl mould.

I alos made a fun little pendant in much the same way apart from it wasn't slumped, I like it, its very cute.

And finally my beads that I really shouldn't have made!!!!! These will become my first multiples for FAM 2012 over on flickr. 

I made some last night to go with the collection and two have already been made into a pair of earrings.

The rest will become:
A ring, Long necklace which I will wear and  maybe a bracelet not sure just yet.

They are large barrels with fine silver melted into them.

I made other shapes as well. They are still on the mandrels.

If you want to see the multiples challenge then just click the flickr photostream link on my blog page then search in groups for Four a month.


Joy Funnell said...

Oh nice, I love the bamboo! But you know me!! :) The beads are fab and really my colours. Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

lesley messam said...

The beads are very oriental, right up you street:)

Lynne Glazzard said...

Lovely, especially the ivory & silver reaction ones (but you know how much I like that) and love the red too and the bamboo patterned dish, and all of it really! You are very talented !

lesley messam said...

Thank you lynne, if the computer could blush it would be bright red hehehe x