Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Jewellery in the local art Gallery

Here's a sneaky peak at my jewellery display in the Ox market local gallery and when I mean local its just outside our back door lol.
If you are in the Chichester area then please go check it out, as there are 140 artist displaying some very cool stuff.
This is a very bright and bold display from me but I really did enjoying making those lamp work beads.
I am secretly hoping the disc necklace doesn't sell.
I want to keep that one.


Allie said...

Has the gorgeous disc necklace got an orange dot next to it yet?

lesley messam said...

I hope not but if has then I will just have to start making another on for me ;-) I really didn't want to sell that one but it is such an eye catcher and everyone seems to love it.
I am glad you like it.