Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The PMC Symposium


Well as you know I went to the PMC symposium at the weekend, it was a really great mini conference, I got lots of new techniques and ideas for new designs. Also I met lots of old friends and made lots of new ones its was great to be with like minded people.

The highlight of the weekend for me was when I won the competition. The idea was wear your best jewellery, everyone was given three stickers and if you liked someones jewellery you gave them a sticker. Well I was amazed that I had more then anyone else and won first prize. which was a kilo of copper clay, £100 on books, PMC certification and faux bone with a DVD which has been great. So a big thank you to all those people that placed a sticker on me:) Here is the winning jewellery.
The first two pictures are of the large Bicone ring I made and the next is my long necklace with my hollow bead. I hope you like.


eve said...

Oh lesley that ring is gorgeous, i love it,

lesley messam said...

Ah thanks:)Eve it is so nice to wear glad you like.

Nicola said...

I was sooo glad you won the prize as the necklace is gorgeous!! Did it make me want to "up my game" for the next sypmosium?? You betcha!!
Way to go and inspire folks with your superb workmanship
Nic xx