Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Robert Dancik faux bone weekend

One thing I can say about me is I’m not a great flyer but the opportunity to work with Robert Dancik and his Faux bone was enough to even drag me onto an airplane.

The weekend was arranged by Emma Baird of Art Clay Scotland.

Friday morning Robert started the class by using a singing bowl which imedietley grabs your attention. He began with introductions not your normal introductions like who you are what you do but just a simple what would you like to be known by this weekend and what film you like. As you can see from the picture we were all captivated by him.

Robert went through some of the techniques and how to use faux bone; we all then knuckled down and cracked on with our individual projects. I can remember one particular lady who had never used a piercing saw before and was struggling but Robert reassured her and within a very short time she had created the most beautiful bookmark.

Myself, I made three rings just to get the feel of the material I am very pleased with the result I was also working on Art clay ring with a cold connection. Robert explained about micro connections and even went into how to rivet correctly. The ring has a faux bone disc, which is to be engraved, faux bone is so versatile you can heat it, bend it as well as colour it using alcohol inks or just rub acrylic paints straight into it.

My mind is doing cartwheels faux bone has some wonderful applications and works so well alongside art clay I will definitely be using it again. Robert is a superb teacher and motivator. Everyone that attended the workshop had a wonderful weekend.

Thank you Emma for arranging a wonderful weekend.

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