Friday, 31 May 2013

Experiments with Bronze Clay

This is not the first time I have dabbled with Bronze clay it tried it when
it first became available here in the UK, I didn't like the firing schedule, it was

Now that there are so many brands I thought it was high time I tried it again, this one was given to me to try by Katie, she wanted to convert me saying "its great stuff give it a go"

I will be honest the firing was easy, you can see from the photo that  I hit one with a hammer and even cut one with side cutters, with great difficulty I did cut the ring. To my surprise it didn't crack.

These are test pieces and not my normal artsy designs.

My thoughts are, Yes I did like it, with not a green hand in sight.
 Will I use it again?
I think so. 

Here are my samples, I like the polished finish, not keen on the out of the kiln look 
at all. 

I still have three more rings to test and might make a bangle to test the different sizes.


Anna said...

They look great Lesley. Which brand of clay did you use? Did you just use their firing schedule?

lesley messam said...

I used fast fire but used a different firing schedule it was one that Marion recommended ;-) and it worked yahhhhh

Helen FT said...

Is that the Metal Adventures stuff? I use the Prometheus and find it consistently good. Less shrinkage too.