Monday, 27 May 2013

Week away in Cornwall

I had a fab week away, staying with Miss Julia down in Bugle in Cornwall and then taking a fascinating class at CSACJ with the very talented Marion Wilson, it was a one day intensive course learning how to use, fire and glaze porcelain. 
The class was packed full of information.

I chose not to fire mine but to bring them home, so I could do my own firing, this is the way I like to learn. They all fired perfectly and the schedule was very easy to follow.

Here are just two of the finished pieces of jewellery I made.
 The first is a pendant with a very subtle underglaze and the other is a pair of twee flower earrings, which I have to confess I love, they are so light.

 I think I will be making some more. It is a lovely material to work with.

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Anna said...

Ooh they look lovely Lesley