Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Art Nouveau Style Pendant

I think I've finally found my style ( at last its taken some time to realise ) my work seems to be very Art Nouveau with all its swirls, dots and flowers. I drew the flowers for this pendant in my sketch book then recreated them in art clay which was fun this is another three dimensional wearable piece of jewellery. The picture below is some of my sketches for this project.

I particularly like the way this pendant can be worn, Its two pendants in one.

I hope you like it :) I will be making some more constructed pieces of jewellery, I really enjoy the challenge.

I would be interested to see If you agree that my jewellery is very Art Nouveau, perhaps you see a totally different style. Let me know :)


K S Jewellery Designs said...

These are amazing! I am very new to art clay silver and your work is so inspiring.... maybe one day....
Kristin ☺

lesley messam said...

Thank you
I'm sure with practice you could create this :) just keep going.

Petra said...

Lesley - I love it! Gorgeous!

lesley messam said...

Hi Petra
Thats very kind thankyou:)