Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I've got a new knee

Sorry I've been a bit quiet. I've been in hospital for five days to have my knee replaced. I was admitted on Thursday the 12 of Feb that afternoon I was operated on, I was totally awake which was bizarre. The operation went well and because I was awake I didn't suffer with sickness from the anaesthetic which was great.

The first night after the op I could give myself morphine with this pain killing thing hooked up to me, so I started to use it not much at first then my knee started to come round so I used it a bit more all of a sudden I started to itch and it got worse and worse so much so that it kept me awake all night, I was itching everywhere and It wouldn't stop!!!!!! Later I found out this is a reaction to the morphine, thank God they stopped that and gave me some pills for the pain but the itching didn't stop for three days It almost drove me mad:(

Back to the knee I have taken a picture of the knee, so if your a bit squeamish don't look, its a bit swollen but other then that its very good I have 33 clips in it to be taken out next week.

I can honestly say that its going to be worth all the pain and discomfort to be able to walk free of the arthritic pain, the discomfort I feel now will go.

Oh I've also taken a picture of the fimo beads I made one evening in hospital when I couldn't sleep.

One other thing before I go, thank you to all my friend's who sent me cards, flowers, chocolates, bracelet, scarf and emails of encouragement you know who you are, so many thanks you don't know how much it helped.

Thanks Lesley X


carrie chagri said...

love the fimo beads, i'm so glad to hear that your doing so well, my nan had her knee replaced cause of arthritus and she said that it was the best thing she ever did, you'll be back to work and moving about normally in no time. i made some more bits of silver, when i get 5 minutes i'll email you some pictures. anyway, relax and recover and we'll see you in the shop soon.

lesley messam said...

Hi Carrie
So nice to hear from you:) how are you since your op. My knee is doing very well but I am doing as I've been told for once:) see you soon.
Lesley X