Friday, 6 March 2009

Enamelled Pendant

This is my first ever piece of enamelled jewellery. I'm really pleased with the colours which give this otherwise un-interesting pendant a bit of life. I enjoy adding colour to silver but not to completely cover it, I like to see some of the silver exposed, it makes the piece more interesting.

The back is identical to the front so can be worn ether way. I believe the back of a pendant is as important as the front. When ever I look at jewellery I will always check out the back, its a habit.

So what do think? .


eve said...

really love this piece lesley, also love this colour, such a stunning piece,

carrie chagri said...

hi, i love the colour, very spring/summer!
will you be wearing this one? i sold another piece of silver today, it's such a buzz when people like the things your making. i have loads to thank you for, what a superb teacher!!

lesley messam said...

Hi Carrie
I told you could sell you beautiful jewellery.
Well done:)
Hopefully I will be back to work soon..I can't wait I'm getting bored.... although I am enjoying making lots of jewellery...trouble is I don't want to sell any of it..