Sunday, 22 March 2009

Its Not a Baird Ring

Sorry to bore you all with another ring but I do think this is rather gorgeous. I have made a light weight hollow ring and then set this beautiful dotty bead right in the centre.

The colour's are amazing and the dots are spot on ( sorry about the pun ) the bead was made by Emma Baird, she is very talented.

Well I love this and will be wearing it tomorrow, can't wait:) It will also go with the bracelet I made with Emma's beads.


carrie chagri said...

i like it and how can you say your boring us with another ring, i look on your site every day hoping to see something new. i need a ring like this it's beautiful, hopefully i will come and do a ring workshop as a treat to myself after the moonwalk in may.

lesley messam said...

Good luck on the Moonwalk X