Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bronzclay Shine

Here is a couple of bronzclay pendants that I made because I'm teaching a bronzclay workshop this Sunday and decided that I needed a few more samples, of different finishes this is the high polished finish.

Next is the polished flower pendant. I've have reproduced a pendant that I left un-sanded this is the polished version. I absolutely love it.


carrie chagri said...

hiya, i love the top one with the high polished finish, it's beautiful, looks like gold! i think i might do the bronzeclay course at some point.
anyway hope your well, see you in the shop soon!

lesley messam said...

Hi Carrie
I think you would love the bronzclay it looks just like gold.
We all know how much you like your gold:-)
See you soon