Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bronzclay workshop

Hi all

I wanted to share one of my Bronzclay workshops with you to show all the gorgeous jewellery my students made this Sunday.

I taught five which is a nice number I think its a shame to over crowd your classes, my student seem to like the small groups. Anyway back to their jewellery the first picture's are before I fired them,and there is a lot.

Then the fired jewellery which is stunning the patinas are fab.

In the centre picture I have put one of my test pieces in I wanted to see if you could fire the Bronzclay with man made gem stones in, as you can see you can.


carrie chagri said...

these are really beautiful pieces, you had some talented students, it has just made me more determined to have a go at the bronze clay now,

lesley messam said...

Hi Carrie
The Bronzclay workshop was brill they made some beautiful jewellery.

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Hi! I nominated you for an award - come to my blog to find out more :D

EMma xxx