Monday, 19 January 2009

My first lampwork beads

I,m going to be very brave today and post some of my first lampwork beads. I have been practicing dots as you can see from three lower sets I've found the control quite hard so some have bled a little bit , I have had more success with the last set I made I love the colour pink and blue.

I hope you like them?

I need lots more practice as you can see. I will keep working on them,as they say practice makes perfect. I do hope so:)


carrie chagri said...

they look beautiful, you will have to make some nice bracelets and things with them, i bet they would sell well in the shop.

i'm still saving my pennies for some art clay, it's killing me not being able to get stuck in.

hope your feeling better now.


lesley messam said...

No I can't make them into anything at the moment I just look at them...
I know its sad but they are mine :-) just to look at...Boy do I know that Art clay feeling....

Lynne Glazzard said...

Wow they are lovely, well done and I know just how difficult they are! x

lesley messam said...

Hi Lynne
Thanks for the very kind comment,but I've seen your little bird now thats really hard :-)

Jenn said...

These are your FIRST lampwork beads? Wow. They are really pretty. You SHOULD make some jewelry out of them. And your art clay is phenomonal. Hope you're recovering well from your surgery.