Sunday, 11 January 2009

Jump Rngs Made Easy

Today I thought I would give a little tip on how to make large quantities of jump rings, fast.

I'm always getting asked how to make jump rings its so easy.

All you need are various sizes of knitting needles a drill and double flush cutters or if you are using sterling silver a piercing saw or if you are as lucky as I am a Jump ringer (this is a machine that cuts jump rings in seconds.)

1, Now place the knitting needle in the chuck of the drill and tighten, see picture;

2, Then get your wire and place the end in between the jaws of the chuck, see picture;

3, Hold the wire tight in your left hand and start the drill slowly in you right you will see the wire start to coil, see picture;

4, When you have the desired length take the needle out of the chuck, slide the coil off the needle and cut with double flush cutters or the more traditional will use the piercing saw. Me,I will use my jump ringer :)

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